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Gargoyles Watch

Rewatch & Discussion of Disney's Gargoyles

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A Community Dedicated to the Rewatch and Discussion of Disney's Gargoyles

Welcome to Gargoyles Watch!

Those of us who grew up in the 90s probably remember Gargoyles as one of the best cartoons of all times for its superb animation, complex plot lines, flawed heroes, and sympathetic villains. Here at Gargoyles Watch we intend to revive our love for the show and hopefully introduce new people to it through a weekly rewatch of the episodes followed by discussions.

Every week will be dedicated to the rewatch of a specific episode starting with Awakening and continuing in order. At the end of the week on Friday or Saturday, one of the mods will post a discussion post with their thoughts on the episode and discussion questions. Members then respond with their own thoughts and opinions in the comments. Hopefully we'll generate some interesting discussions this way. Multi-part episodes will be treated differently. Longer ones such as “Awakening” and “City of Stone” will be covered within two or more weeks. Shorter ones such as “The Gathering” will be covered within a week. See the early “Awakening” discussion posts for example.

Aside from episode discussions, we also hope to have character and comic discussions in the future if the community does well enough. You're encouraged to invite all your friends who you think may be interested in the show to come and participate. It's okay if they haven't watched it yet. This community is all about generating fresh interest and rekindling our old love for the show.

If you have any questions/comments/suggestions, feel free to contact any of the mods or post comments in the mail box marked with the “!mail box” tag. Other than that, welcome and enjoy.

Community Rules

1) No drama, please. We all love this show, we all want to talk about it, but different people had different opinions on characters, plots, relationships, etc.. Civil discussion is wonderful. Fighting and name calling, not so much. Trolls and flames will not be tolerated.

2) Let's keep things at a PG-13 rating. Sex jokes and bathroom humor to a minimum and nothing explicit, please. Use your own discretion.

3) This is a rewatch and discussion community. This means no posts with icons, fan art, or fanfics. Those are all great, but there are other communities for them.

4) Check the tags and memories for a post with the episode you want to discuss. If it's not there, we haven't gotten to it yet.

5) New discussion posts appear at the end of every week. Usually it's one episode per week, but weeks with multi-part episodes we may have a discussion post for two or more episodes at a time. Mods make the initial discussion post with a link to Greg's Ramble on Station 8 on that episode if there is one and all the members then reply to the post with their discussion comments etc.

6) Within the discussions, please stay on topic and stick to canon. Speculation on various characters' motivations is great, but we all know when things get too out of left field. Again, use your own discretion.

7) All rules but the first are subject to change/improvement. Rule number 1 is set in stone – pun intended.

Last Episode: 2x16 - Revelations
Next Episode: 2x17 - Double Jeopardy